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Why should I use Stone Assured?2020-07-15T13:07:02+01:00

At Stone Assured we have an excellent record of finding Tenants for Landlords properties. We are in desperate need of bringing new Landlords on board for our Tenant waiting list. We have been established in Doncaster for a number of years now and find that our independent and friendly service is welcomed by our existing Landlords and Tenants.

Do I have to pay the council tax?2020-03-05T01:18:00+00:00

The tenant is responsible for the council tax (unless you decide to include this in the rent) but this needs to be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement. If the property is standing empty, it is the landlord’s responsibility to pay.

Can I enter my property during the tenancy?2020-03-05T01:15:56+00:00

Landlords do have a right to enter the property to fulfil any legal responsibilities. The Landlord And Tenant Act 1985 allows you to access to inspect the property, as long as you have given you at least 24 hours’ notice to the tenant and that the proposed visit is at a reasonable time.

Does a landlord need to pay tax on rental income?2020-07-15T13:06:07+01:00

You may be liable to pay tax on your rental income, whether you live in the UK or are based overseas. You can find the relevant information on the Inland Revenue’s website.

How do I check my furniture is compliant?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

You must ensure that all furnishings comply with furniture and furnishing regulations. All compliant furniture must display standard labels in a prominent position. This is to reduce the risk of fire within the property.

Do I need a Gas Safety Record?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

Yes, a Gas Safety Record (GSR) is required by law and must be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe Register engineer, every 12 months.

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

Yes, you will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC report will detail the energy efficiency of your property, giving it a rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

All landlords are required to purchase an EPC for a property before they let it and, from 1st April 2018, the property must have a minimum rating of E on its EPC. It will be unlawful to rent a property which breaches this requirement with a penalty of up to £4,000.

Should I have an inventory?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

Stone Assured will perform a full inventory of your property. This will be a detailed list of the contents and condition of your property taken before any tenant moves in. We believe this is very important, as it will help settle any dispute over damage at the end of the tenancy that may occur. This property inventory will be proof of the original condition of the property and its contents.

What happens to a tenant’s deposit?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

We will place all tenants’ deposits with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The Tenancy Deposit Scheme is there to protect the tenant’s money and help to resolve any disputes at the end of the tenancy.

How much will it cost me to let my property?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

This will depend on how much support you need. We offer various service levels, each involving a different degree of service – our fees will reflect this. Contact our team to find out the different services we offer and how they would apply to you.

How do I know what rent to charge?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

You are free to charge what you want for your property – but we definitely advise asking us first. We have expert knowledge of the housing market and will be able to give you a current indication as to what your property rental value should be. This makes sure that you aren’t under charging (and losing money) or over charging (and not getting the tenants).

I want to let my property. Do I need to tell my mortgage lender?2020-03-05T01:10:18+00:00

Yes. You will need to inform you mortgage lender. They will need to give you permission before you can let out your property. Once you do this they may impose special conditions. If you are looking to buy a property with the intention of letting it out, you may be able to obtain a buy to let mortgage.

How Much Are Your Landlords Fees?2020-08-03T10:48:09+01:00

Our Fees vary depending on the services you require, the number of properties you would like us to manage. To discuss your individual requirements, please contact one of our team.

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mimi testimonial


“Stone Assured have been managing our property for 3 years. At the time we had a tenant who was an acquaintance who stopped paying us rent. They sorted it all out for us and have been brilliant since. They have taken away all the worries and troubles of managing the property ourselves. Highly recommend them.”


“I’ve been a tenant of stone assured for the past 4 years I found the staff really helpful and made moving easy”

“Whilst being in the property they have addressed any issues I’ve had with professionalism and a quick response I couldn’t recommend a better agency.”

karla testimonial


“Amazing service provided from day one of viewing the property with very reasonable rates and no hidden costs.”

“I have now been in tenant in my property for nearly a year and have had no issues with the house or when needing to contact Rosie and the team.”

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